FAQs about our Screen Acting Classes

What is your acting technique - 'Acting from the Core'?

The cutting-edge Acting From the Core technique is an approach to acting that is firmly based in the Stanislavsky and Method acting traditions. However, the Acting From the Core technique offers much deeper approaches that take the actor into the most profound areas of human behaviour and psychology. We reject the notion of ‘acting’. We believe that the actor’s own inner emotional life must be freed and applied to the text. We accomplish this through a series of exercises and preparation techniques that vividly align the actor’s own experience and core emotions to that which is called for in the script. The actor takes the considerable energy created through the exercises and uses it to ‘win the scene’, i.e. accomplish the character’s goal. The result is work that is driven and present, not presentational. Compellingly alive and organic, not staged and showy.

Studio members have accomplished massive breakthroughs using the Acting From the Core technique, not only in their craft, but in the audition room and on set. The Studio is extremely successful at creating and supporting working, professional actors who are passionately committed to achieving the highest levels of their potential.

How long do the acting courses run?

Our acting classes are ongoing. From new members we ask an initial commitment of a minimum of 12 weeks. However, most Studio members make the Studio the backbone of their acting life and stay indefinitely to hone their craft.

Our new Tuesday night class taught by Dawn Glover starts on February 7th and runs 15 weeks.

How long are the classes?

Kacie Stetson Studio classes are intensive. There is a minimum class time of 3 hours although sometimes we run longer. This also applies to the Tuesday class.

What is the financial commitment?

Class fees are due month to month. $200 for a four week month. Fees are due by the first class of the month. If you start attending mid-month, you are pro-rated for that month.

The Tuesday night class taught by Dawn Glover at Samoa House is $45 per class.

Can I miss classes?

The Studio offers training for committed actors only. You don't have to be an experienced professional to take classes, but we work and conduct ourselves as professional actors should in the real world. Good work habits start in class and your reputation starts with your coaches and classmates.

What if I’m get an acting job and have to miss class?

If you book paid acting work and are shooting or rehearsing on a class night, then you will be financially credited for that class. This does not include background or stand in work. Illness, personal crisis etc. will not be credited. The Studio was created to support the working actor. 

Who assigns the scenes?

We do. We pick material that will challenge and grow the individual actor.

Do I get to work in every class?

I am committed to having Studio members work in every class. However, every few months I run classes in which I work intensively with individual actors. In those ‘instrumental’ classes, you may have to wait a week.

In the Tuesday class, all actors work every class.

How often do you shoot scenes?

I assign the scenes and then we take a few weeks to rehearse and explore the text. We usually shoot 4-6 weeks later with a screening the next week.

In the Tuesday class, Dawn will assign material. You will work the material in steps as you learn the Acting From the Core technique. You will then shoot and screen.

Will you help me get an audition?

In a way. I will help you gather materials for booking an agent if you don’t have one. We spend time strategizing career pathways for members. Also, we run classes on audition technique and hold mock auditions. You will be ready for your opportunities when they come along. We are also a networking group, and many auditions come for Studio members out of that networking. Currently, all Studio members have agents and are auditioning. 

In Dawn's Tuesday class you will develop fundamental tools to help you approach agents.

Where are the Auckland acting classes held?

We use a studio space in Morningside, Auckland for our Wednesday and Thursday classes. There is plenty of free parking, and it is a short walk from the Morningside Train Station. 

Dawn's Tuesday night classes are held at the Samoa House at Level 2/283 Karangahape Rd, Auckland, 1010.

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.